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More Art Resources

Do you want to challenge yourself or spend a bit more time creating? Here is a page full of wonderful online resources for art! None of these are assignments, just more great art activities for students looking for a challenge or reason to create.

Like the assignments, if you want to share any work you complete from this page, feel free to email photos to We would love to see what you are creating! 

Tate Kids

Tate Kids is a fantastic website full of resources. You can create art digitally, find ideas for art projects to complete, take quizzes, play games, and learn about artists. I encourage students to explore this website! Click the button below to visit Tate Kids.

Mati and Dada

Any students looking to learn more about famous artists should explore the Mati and Dada Youtube page. Mati and Dada videos provide great lessons in art history. Click the button below to find the Youtube page.

More Art Resources: Tests & Assignments

Scratch Garden

Scratch Garden is a Youtube channel with great videos about the elements and principles of art. To review or learn more about the elements and principles of art, click the button below.

100 Silly Drawing Prompts 

Looking for drawing ideas? Here are 100 silly drawing prompts to use when you are unsure what to draw. Click the link below to see the list.

Artist Statement

When an artist creates a work of art, they may decide to write about it. When an artist writes about the way they created their work of art and the piece's subject and mood, they are writing an Artist Statement. Write your own artist statement. You could either create a new work of art or use one from class/elearning (Week 4's Kandinsky Drawing would be great for this activity). Write about how you made it, what materials you used, what the work is about, what you were thinking about while making the work, and the emotion or mood of the work. Feel free to email artist statements to

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More Art Resources: Tests & Assignments
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