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2nd Grade Art

Assignments for April 6th - May 15th

Proud of your work? We want to see it! Send a photo to

Week 1 - April 6th to April 10th

Favorite Place Drawing

Hello 2nd Grade! Welcome to your first online assignment! This week you will be drawing your favorite place. 

A lot of artists took inspiration from the world around them and enjoyed making works of art based on what they saw or remembered. 

Vincent van Gogh was an artist who loved to paint places he saw and remembered! Please click the video icon to watch a video about him. 

Now, I need you to think of your favorite place. Is it a room in your house? Maybe it is your favorite place to go on trips? Is it a playground nearby?

Please create a detailed drawing of your favorite place using any materials you have. Think about the details Vincent van Gogh used in his art you saw in the video. His details made it feel like you were there. Fill out the Art Completion form below once finished, due April 10th. 

Week 2 - April 13th to April 17th

Texture Rubbing Collage

Hello, Students! Click the video icon to the left of "Week 2" to watch a video about texture!

Texture can be real or visual. If you pet a dog, the dog may feel fluffy. That is real texture. If you draw a fluffy looking dog and touch your drawing the paper would not feel fluffy. This is visual texture. 

Today, I would like you to move around your home or go outside to find real texture to create rubbings. To create a rubbing, place your paper on an object with real texture and rub your coloring tool back and forth on your paper. You should then see lines and shapes from the texture on your paper! Please find at least 5 different textures to use. You will need 1 piece of paper and a pencil, crayons, or chalk (crayons are recommended). You should use the same piece of paper for all 5, each rubbing should be in its own space on the page. Fill out the Art Completion form below, due April 17th. 

Week 3 - April 20th to April 24th

Mood of the Piece

When we look at art it makes us feel a certain way. Art has emotion whether it is obvious or not to the viewer. When you look at art sometimes it makes you feel happy. Sometimes you may feel sad, angry, or even worried. Finding the mood of a work of art is a part of art criticism. Art criticism is when we observe the work, make predictions, and share our opinions. Today we are making predictions by guessing the mood of multiple works of art. 

Please click the quiz icon to the left of "Week 3" to take the quiz. Fill out the Art Completion form below, due April 24th.

Week 4 - April 27th to May 1st

Kandinsky Music Drawing

Many artists take inspiration from the world around them. Some artists enjoy listening to music to create art. Sometimes we listen to music in class! 

Wassily Kandinsky was a famous artist who enjoyed making art inspired by music. He said he could see the colors in the music, and loved to paint based on the way the music made him feel. 

Today you are going to draw just like Kandinsky liked to, by listening to music. Click the music icon to the left to hear the song. Please listen to the music file on repeat until you have completed the drawing. You may use any drawing supplies you have available. Draw what the music makes you feel. Does the music sound happy? Does it sound sad? Maybe you think it sounds scary? What does the song make you think of? Draw it! Fill out the Art Completion form below, due May 1st.

Week 5 - May 4th to May 8th

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was an impressionist artist who often painted pictures of ballerinas dancing. It was his favorites subject to draw. He liked to the paint the movements of the ballerinas and the action of dancing. Watch the provided video to learn more about Edgar Degas. Then, I want you to think of a physical activity you really like to do (basketball, football, baseball, swimming, playing outside, dancing, anything you can think of) and draw yourself doing that activity. You can use any materials you have at home, pencils, crayons, or a pen! When you are done fill out the completion form

Week 6 - May 11th to May 15th

100 Silly Drawing Prompts

For our final week of school we would like you to be creative and have some fun! Click the document link to the left to open the "100 Silly Drawing Prompts" page. Please choose at least one of the prompts to use to create a drawing using any materials! Be creative! Do not forget to complete your last Art Completion form. 

Well done on completing elearning this April and May. You should be proud of all your hard work at home. We are definitely proud of you! Well done and enjoy your summer, you've earned it!

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